Call for donations for populations in need in Colombia

Southern colombian village

In quarantine in the south of Colombia...


Colombia, a South American country located in the northern Andes, is not immune to the pandemic.

Most of the citizens of this large country in total containment receive no aid. Neither from the state, nor private.


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Where is this happening ? 

In San-Agustín, usually a touristic town in southern Colombia, quarantine conditions unfortunately make more damage than Covid 19 itself. Completely cut off from the world, this municipality of 35,000 inhabitants has been without contact with the rest of the country for a month and its inhabitants are being banned from leaving. This is a real problem for a village where the majority of the population earns its living from day to day. The town does not resemble the tourist paradise known to all.

Who are we ?

Originally a group of friends witness of the situation, and we immediately had the support of the church and the mayor.

 the municipal officials helping the town

The maire and competent authorities of San-Agustin

San-Agustin parish and Padre Oscar

San-Agustin parish and Padre Oscar

 foreigners participating to help village


Maud Verboven
Kees Van Kuipers
Franko Lutz
Amid Bouselahane

How to act ?

We are originally a small group of friends (French and Dutch) witnessing this social misery and decided to mobilize to organize a call for donations. This is intended for the most vulnerable people, mainly consisting of single women with children (very often several) and elderly people (no pension plans in Colombia).
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San Agustin, with its cultural richness, has always welcomed visitors from all over the world with great kindness. Through our and your gifts, however humble they may be, we try to make sure that this village of farmers does not starve, and retakes its smile. The smile that made this village such a visited and beloved place.
No matter the value of the donation, any help is welcome: a positive thought, a smile.



Amid Bouselahane       (0057) 320 981 0965        

                      Franko Lutz                       (0057) 321 418 95 11